Thursday, May 28, 2009

If you know the answer, please share!

Why do some people feel they have to be in charge?
Why do people ignore deadlines?
Why do people yell at you for things that you have no control over?

I don't know the answers, but they obviously think their lives are more important than yours and they don't mind if they inconvenience you.

I'm just venting. I'm the Ward Camp Director and camp money and forms were due on Sunday and I only had about a third of the girls turn stuff in. This is partially due to someone else sending out information about camp and passing out forms with a different date on it than I passed out. Even though I made announcements about the deadline and sent out emails, people still couldn't get their stuff done on time. As of today I still don't have every ones stuff. As for the person sending out information, I pleaded with this person yesterday to stop sending info out and she did it anyways. I checked my email and there it was, stuff I asked her not to send. Then I had to deal with irate parents thinking they had till next Sunday to get it in. I even had a parent upset because there wasn't a line for their cell phone number. Who knew collecting forms and money would be so stressful!

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needlenut said...

I think that is just a fact of life. It's just like those that race past you on the road to get to the stop light the same time you do. Go figure.