Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pre Prom Madness

Prom is way more complicated these days. Back in the day you asked a date, got a dress or a tux and went to dinner and the dance. Today, you have to find a Prom Group. Then your group has to have matching t-shirts that you where to school on Friday. You have to get a Party Bus. You have to have a place to go after the dance, Matthew's group is going to a Beach House in Galveston. Anyways, today will be filled with getting things ready to take to the Beach House and not getting dressed for Prom, at least not for Matthew, the girls have to get hair and nails done. Here are the pictures of Matthew and his date in their t-shirts. Their group went with a take off of the YMCA song. By the way, I have been banned from putting Prom pictures up on Facebook until Matthew gets them up. I don't know why? He's not the one taking the pictures.

Trying to be cool

Front of the t-shirt

Back of the t-shirt

Chantel and Matt.
Chantel runs Cross Country and Matthew runs from big defensive players so I guess that's why they are running?


Matthew wearing Brittney's glasses

That's Chantel's signature pose.

We are ready for Prom!


needlenut said...

What do you mean a tux. In our day it was a nice suit. Boy, does that date me.

needlenut said...

I forgot to add that our prom bus was a 47 Chevrolet. And we actually went to the dance to dance.

Anonymous said...

Marti....Chantel and Matt are running in the shirts cause they were the only smart's hard to get from the limo in the rain upside down or on your head....