Friday, May 29, 2009

Yesterday's Project

Yesterday was a day to get a few things done for Matthew day. I finally went to the store to buy his bedding and towels for college. This really should have been done sooner, but I cry every time I think about buying the stuff. You would have been proud of me, I didn't cry until I got out to the car. I also had to put together a picture board that is going to hang at the after graduation party sponsored by the school. It was due today, so I finally started on it yesterday. (I did all of this after running an hour and 35 minutes yesterday. The running was to relieve stress inflicted upon me by girls camp money collection and other people). Looking at all these pictures made me teary eyed. It was bad, because I was printing out all these pictures and cutting them out, and had to stop to take the girls to the high school for sports physicals and I was all red eyed. I blamed it on allergies when someone asked if I was OK. The poster is done and delivered.
Here are a few pictures I took with Matthew and the dogs yesterday. I was trying to get a picture for the middle of the poster and the dogs wanted in also.
You got to love a boy and his dogs!

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