Monday, May 4, 2009


Not much to blog about.
Last week we had flooding. We survived it!
We did have fun visitors come to see us. Dale's sister, Tami and brother-in-law, Kent and niece, Erica came and stayed a day with us. Too bad they couldn't stay longer, but it was fun seeing them. (We survived them ) haha
We got our 1st case of swine flu in our school district. They shut that school down, but my kids continue to see kids or their siblings that go to that school. (So far we've survived that)
The humidity is back so we actually feel like we live in Houston. (A/C and pool our survival mechanisms)
Weekend soccer games complete with bad refs. Makenzie's weren't bad, Jacob on the other hand, not so good, especially when she was singling him out. Don't mess with mama bear!!!(Lucky for the ref, she survived me)

In all a low key week, because everything has been cancelled due to flooding and H1/N1. (H1N1 virus is pronounced hiney virus, at least that are calling it at Dale's office)

Here are a few pictures from the kids games this week and last.

Jacob played goalie for a half last week

Jacob always in pursuit of the ball
Kick!!! That's what she does best, well after she stops the other team from scoring

Brittney pretending to be supportive, but she is laughing at a text.

Matthew being supportive and trying to be cool.

Makenzie after heading a ball

Bored in the goal and watching another game.

Corner kick

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grandma/mom said...

Oh the good old days. So far none of the grandgirls like sports that I think are fun. Kirk's girls are in to tennis. There other grandpa is way into tennis. Isaac right now is a skater dude as he says. Carolyn