Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We Care So We Worry

On Sunday, Dale was reading my post about Brittney's birthday. In the actual post I said she was 18. Dale was trying to change it and correct a few other things I said. I told him it was dark and I was tired when I wrote it. Makenzie asked what time I wrote it. I said at 5 am because I couldn't sleep. Makenzie asked if it was because I was worried about Brittney driving. Zing! Good one Makenzie! I don't know if that's why I couldn't sleep, but this is what Dale worries about having a 16 year old daughter.

And then there is Matthew. What did he do for his 18th birthday. He drove around to different Convenient Stores to buy lottery tickets. I asked why he went to different stores. He wanted to get ID ed. No luck in getting ID ed or winning. I guess he won on a few but then started losing so he quit. It didn't help when my Dad called and asked him what he did and he told him about buying lotto tickets and My dad said, "That's my grandson". Thanks Dad!

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