Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Respect For Country and Flag...Where Do We Learn This?

I went to the High School Awards Ceremony last night. They started it off with everyone standing to say the Pledge of Allegiance and then the choir was going to sing the National Anthem. This was announced before the Pledge was started. After the Pledge at least 80% of the people sat down(one probably being my daughter, I couldn't see her). I stood their feeling stupid, thinking my big butt was probably in someones face. I was also embarrassed because their were Officers from 3 different branches of our military there to award scholarships. The choir just stood there until the Principal asked everyone to stand again. I don't know where I learned to stay standing for the National Anthem, actually you should stand when it it played,but I must say I was in shock that so many people didn't know or just weren't paying attention. I guess as a parent I need to make sure my kids know this and have respect for our Flag, National Anthem and our Country!

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