Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another Day In Provo

I started my day off with a run in the nice cool Utah morning air, unfortunately the altitude and one hill kind of spoiled the weather, but it was good to get out and run!

Jacob and I went out to breakfast at McDonald's with Brent, Carolyn and Kristen. After that Jacob and Kristen headed to Nickel City to play the arcade games. They spent quite a bit of time there because Jacob hit the jackpot on some game and won $20.00 worth of free games. I spent that time walking around the BYU campus to see how much it has changes in 30 years. It hasn't change too much, but there are a few more buildings and they have updated and made other buildings a lot bigger. It was a beautiful day to walk around outside. I even went into the bookstore and didn't even buy anything!!!

We had some yummy french dip sandwiches, that Carolyn made, for dinner. Craig(Dale's cousin) and Chelsea and their kids came over for dinner also. After dinner Jacob and I headed down to the field house to watch Makenzie play some basketball. We didn't get to see too much because we got there late and they shortened the game time, but what we saw she looked good.

Makenzie and the girl in the black shirt were going at each other. Good thing they aren't roommates

Makenzie being guarded

She still gets the pass

She shot and she scored at the buzzer.
Kristen, Carolyn and Chelsea came to watch Makenzie, but she was done playing. We headed over to get shaved ice and met Jessica and Ezra there and Brent joined us. It was a nice cool way to end the day.

Chelsea and Maddie

Jacob and his shaved ice

Me and my blue lips and teeth

Ezra and Jessica

Chelsea and Luke

Brent trying to figure out his camera an his iPhone. He really wanted a picture of my blue teeth

Brent and Carolyn

Kristen not letting me take her picture

Jacob and myself. I'm like a ray of sunshine :)

Maddie in deep thought

When I got back to Brent and Carolyn's house I sat outside and talked to Dale and watched the sun go down from their front porch.

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