Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hiking the Y

Makenzie and I decided to hike up to the Y yesterday. She is the last of our kids to go up there. It's a steep hike and the altitude is a little rough for us Texas folk, but it's a short hike,  so it isn't too hard.
The weather was also beautiful! It was about 61 degrees when we started and about 64 when we got back into the car and the sun was shining a clear blue sky!

Our designation

In the parking lot ready for our hike

Makenzie headed up the mountain

Some of the view going up

The big grassy area is where the dorms I used to live in were. I guess I was to tough on them and they had to be torn down.
That's one way to go up and down

Side view of the Y, but still a little ways to go, they tease you or as Dale woulds say,
"They get your hopes up and then they crush them"

The altitude is getting to her. She was a little dizzy.

Making it to the top

Looking down on the Y

Only 30 days till Matthew gets home as I look down at the MTC

This is for Brittney,
"That looks like water"

Headed down to the bottom of the Y

Headed back down the mountain

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