Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pass It Down

Sunday, while looking at the new Mrs. Jimmer's wedding dress, Brittney started to tell me things she liked and didn't like about peoples wedding dresses, although we loved Mrs. Jimmer's dress. I told her she could just wear mine(of course in 4 or 5 years). She then wanted to try it on so I dug it out of my closet.Yes, we had puffy dresses back then but that was the style and who knows, in 4 or 5 years it could be the style again!


Mayor of CrazyTown said...

I totally see it coming back. Mmmhmm. Sure.

Marti said...

I hope NOT!! Something's never need to come back and that is one of then!

Erin Alldredge said...

I doubt puffy sleeves will ever come back, but I do have to so those ones aren't that ugly. I've seen worse.