Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some Brink Side Family Fun

While in Utah I wanted to see my nephew Kyle and his wife Nicky who live in Payson, it's just south of Provo. To my surprise my niece Jyl and her family was there visiting, so we got to see them also. It was nice for Jacob to have a boy cousin to hang out with, he has been surrounded by girls this whole week, there has been baby boys, but not ones he could play with.
We met at Kyle and Nicky's and went up Payson Canyon and some of their friends joined us also. We had a real fun time visiting and the kids had a fun time playing and they especially liked roasting the marshmallows, Makenzie liked roasting them and Jacob liked eating them. It was fun to see and visit with everyone!
Evan, Jacob, Adrian and Kyle

Emmy, Amryn, Makenzie and Nicky

Kyle and Emmy

Tom and Amryn

Jacob and Evan

Ky;e and Nicky

They had more fun throwing rocks into a small puddle of water

I barely caught the sun going down.

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