Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Provo Life

Jacob, Makenzie and I are in Utah for a few weeks so the kids can attend BYU basketball camp. We arrived on Sunday afternoon to a high temperature of 67! I'm usually cold at that temp, but it felt so good after the hot summer we have been having  at home.

We are staying with Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Brent. The kids and I got up yesterday morning and went to McDonald's for breakfast and then took Makenzie to check into camp.
Makenzie in her dorm room

Makenzie off to the field house
Jacob and I headed over to the BYU Bookstore after we left Makenzie at the field house. Later that afternoon we went to In n Out for lunch. There were to sets of missionary companionship's in there eating and I definitely thought of Matthew since he really likes  to eat there, won't be long before he and Brittney are making their many trips there.

Last night we ate dinner at Brent and Carolyn's and their son Craig and his daughter Maddie joined us. After dinner, Jessica, Jordan and Ezra came over. I was happy to see them, especially happy to see Ezra. Later on we headed to Sonic for our half priced milkshakes.

Ezra flossing his 4 teeth

Carolyn, Kristen, Jessica, Jordan, Ezra and Jacob at Sonic

Talking on the phone with Dale

We love Jess!

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JeanneJ said...

I love Utah! Glad you're having a good time with great people.