Monday, August 18, 2008

Thank You Dale

When we lived in Midland, the Counselor at the Elementary School took turns having lunch with the students on Fridays. One Friday I was having lunch with Makenzie when it was her turn to be in the lunch group. The counselor always played games with them. This particular day she asked the kids who they thought loved them. To my surprise, she turned to me and asked me first. I said it was my husband. She asked me why I thought that. I said I knew by the way he treated me. She asked how he treated me. I said he treated me like I was the most important person and he always spoke kindly to me. I kind of got teary eyed on her as I responded and then apologized. Of course she said no apology was needed. I still feel that way. I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband Dale. I love you very much!! Thanks for 18 wonderful years.

I want to thank my Mother-in-law for calling my sister-in-law to get my phone number and my niece Jennifer for talking me into giving my number to a stranger.

And now

I had to throw those pictures in to gross Brittney out!

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