Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ode to My Bed

Bye Bye to my bed and the nice cool air conditioning in my home, for tomorrow, bright and early, I will be at girls camp. I gave up A/C when I accepted to go with the 5th years, what the h*** was I thinking. I did find out there is an outlet in our cabin, for a fan and my Coleman fride. I don't have to keep my diet coke on ice and always wonder when I can get more ice. I'm such a wimp. I probably shame my family, who are big campers, but they get to camp in the mountains of Colorado, not the wooded areas of Houston. I will not have Internet up there, but will survive, but I can't say that about all those teenage girls, mainly my oldest daughter.
Think of me and pray I don't see any snakes and they don't see me!!!

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Crazy Me... said...

How was girls camp? Hope it was wonderful. Jordan is coming down this weekend! Woot woot!