Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stressed out in Texas!

Most people are sleeping at 3 am, I usually am. I'm just unusually stressed out about Girls Camp next week. I'm the assistant Stake Camp Director so I mostly helped come up with a theme and helped get leaders into place, stuff that was between December and May. The day I was leaving for vacation, the Camp Director asked me if I would go up with the 5th year girls because there were so many and not enough adult leaders. I thought that would be fine. I guess I thought that all I was was an extra body until Sunday when the head 5th year leader hit me with many assignments, things that really should have been done by now. We had a mtg. Monday with all 3 adult leaders, had a mtg. Tuesday night with the girls. I'm going shopping for the food for the meals they have to prepare this morning with another leader. We are having another mtg. Friday night with the girls to work on the skit( I think we could do that at camp). Then, yes there is more, they are tie dying shirts Saturday. I can't go Saturday because our family is suppose to be in Austin in the afternoon. We can't leave until Jacob is done with football practice and Makenzie has a Show Choir rehearsal. This wouldn't be quite so bad if my kids didn't have their eye and dentist appointments this week. Matthew and Brittney also have to get their schedules, lockers, textbooks, novels for English classes and parking permits at the High school this week. We also have all 3 of Jacobs football practices plus the lovely Tropical Storm we had this week. I'm also trying to locate all the equipment we will need at camp. Luckily Dale has some of it, just not enough for 21 girls and 3 leaders. Next time I say yes to something I should see what all I have to do. I really don't think the Stake camp director expected me to be doing all of this. I still have to get up to Camp early Monday morning and check in all the 4th - 6th year girls as part of my Stake calling. I still have to pack my stuff and help my girls with their packing. Brittney won't need help since she is an old pro at camp, but it's Makenzie's 1st year. I have to have her packed a ready to go before I leave. She doesn't go up till Tuesday. I want to apologize now to my brother-in-law and his wife. They are coming Tuesday and staying the night and I'm not sure if I'll have clean sheets on the beds and freshly cleaned bathrooms for them as I just finished doing that twice this week since we had other company. I wish there were things I could do right now, but I think the rest of the family likes their sleep. I'm sure it will all be fun once I get to camp, but it's giving me a real headache right now.


featherhead said...

I think I'll stick to planning a wedding. :) Wish I were there to help out in someway.... but then my idea of camping is sleeping at the Holiday Inn with the windows open.

mousemovie said...

The best thing about holding Sunday School, um, "Off Campus", is you get branded as undependable and therefore get past over for these cool callings!! It sounds like no fun at all, I feel your pain. Hope it all works out..