Monday, August 4, 2008

Here comes the storm

Can you say Edouard? We can now as it is all over the news here. We have our 72 hour kits ready. We have plenty of water, good thing too since the store shelves were empty, but I did have to go buy some diet coke just in case. Depending on how strong the winds are we have to move all of our patio furniture and pool stuff and all loose objects in the garage. That will be fun. Dale had an out of town day trip and flies back in tonight. Hopefully the rain won't delay or postpone his flight. Back in 2001 he spent 2 days in the Houston airport because of a tropical storm. We had to postpone Brittney's baptism because he couldn't fly out.
At least we get a warning, unlike our family in California last week. And I'm really glad we don't have to evacuate like we did with hurricane Rita, that was a surreal moment in our life.

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