Thursday, August 21, 2008

A bunch of random nothing

There is just a bunch of random stuff going on right now as the kids prepare to go back to school. We spent yesterday going back and forth between the Elementary and Jr. High Schools. I even had to take a salad to the Elementary School for a Teacher Appreciation Luncheon(Dale was wondering why they did it before school started, because we might not appreciate them this year). It will be nice to get back into a routine. Poor Dale stays up late because we do, but he still has to get up to go to work every morning. We should have an appreciation luncheon for him. We appreciate you Dale!!! We are in full swing with football for both boys. Matthew has his first scrimmage tomorrow night and Jacob has one Saturday morning. Matthew has been practicing for almost 2 weeks and Jacob for 3 weeks. I'm still a little tired from girls camp. Last night the friend I roomed with at camp brought the girls home from Mutual(Dad wasn't cool enough) and brought me a big diet coke(which Jacob drank) and they played American Idol. We got to talking and laughing again and it was after 11pm before she left. So much for us trying to get some sleep. Oh yeah, and our lawn needs to be mowed. I mowed it 2 weeks ago and it has done nothing but rain this week and last week Dale was out of town and Matthew had football. I'm waiting for the HOA to send us a letter. And for those who are wondering who vacuumed my carpet while I was gone(people have asked), Dale did, at least he did it the day before I came home. Dale does need an appreciation lunch!

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