Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School

The kids go back to school today. Right now Matthew and Brittney are getting ready for Seminary. I think we always had a week of school before we had to go back to Seminary. Dale gave all of the kids a beautiful Father's Blessings last night. That is always my favorite part of sending them back to school is to hear the blessings Dale gives them. Dale gave Matthew's his first and Matthew gave him a big hug afterwards as did the rest of the kids after that. I'm grateful to have the Priesthood in our home and for my kids who respect it.
This will be an interesting school year as it is Matthew's Senior year and Jacob's last year in Elementary School. I just can't believe how fast they have grown up.
Jacob gets to start the day off being a Safety Patrol. I'll have to sneak up after school and try to get a picture of him in action. Matthew will be busy with football, at least for the first semester. Makenzie starts volleyball tryouts tomorrow for the 7th grade team. Brittney is trying out fot the basketball team, but is in the class right now. She also joined FBLA this year. They should all stay pretty busy with their studies and sports. Jacob is playing football right now and Makenzie is also doing soccer. She didn't get on the same team she has been with since we moved here so that will be interesting. With everyone gone all day I can sit and watch my soaps while eating Bon-bons. I'm actually waiting for them to leave so I can clean the house and have it stay clean more than 5 minutes. I at least need to clean it before my visiting teachers come this morning.

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featherhead said...

Gotta love those vacuum tracks!! I told Jessica she could have one of the vacuums just so that I can get a new one. :)