Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Surviving Day One

The kids survived the first day of school, but I have writer's cramp. The schools here always send home a big envelope full of papers to be signed. The two high school kids get multiple envelopes inside of the big one. They also have a rules sheet from each class that we both have to sign. Who reads all those signed papers. It took me forever to recheck all 4 of mine. The enrollment card is what gets me. You have to check it and make any changes. I make the same changes every year, so obviously they aren't getting read or they don't make the changes. I wonder if I write goofy, random stuff down if they would catch it. And if I have to write, Katy, TX on one more thing I may scream. District wide there are some Houston addresses, but campus wide it is Katy, if it's not than they don't belong at that school. At least my homework is done and the rest of the year it's the kids that have homework. Ha Ha

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Clark Family said...

You might need to borrow Jacob's sling! I feel your pain!!