Sunday, August 17, 2008

Camp Hangover

If there is such a thing as a Girls Camp hangover, I think I have one. I have had a headache and have been dizzy all day. I guess I am getting too old to get only a few hours of sleep every night for a week. I was actually excited Friday night when I made it to bed at 2 am. As a leader we stayed up till the girls went to bed or at least settled down, partly because we wanted to keep track of them and partly because we didn't want them to do anything to us in our sleep. We had the best group of leaders, we would play pranks on the girls and stay up and laugh at our pranks and our crudeness. I also had a great time running around in my gorilla costume scaring the girls. The costume was hot, but worth it! I know, I need to grow up. I'm also tired because I have a bunch of Benadryl in my system. The bites that I thought were from mosquito's are actually from chiggers, and Benadryl doesn't cure that itch. I'm also tired from all the laundry. I had all of our camp clothes, bedding and towels and plus all the laundry from those at home. I think I've done 16 loads now. Maybe the laundry detergent is making me dizzy also. OK, maybe I'm always dizzy, but I'm still tired.

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