Sunday, August 31, 2008

How We Are Spending Our Weekend

This weekend started out normal, but got a little bit crazy starting Friday night. Jacob had a football scrimmage and on the second play he made a tackle and he was hurting. They thought he had a stinger in his shoulder. He played another play and couldn't lift his left arm up. Dale got his pads off and we saw his left collarbone sticking out. We took him to the ER where we spent 31/2 hours. They said there was no break. They weren't sure why it was sticking out. I thought it might be dislocated. They think, yes think, they don't know, that he pulled the ligament and bruise some soft tissue. They put him in a sling, that's what they'd do for a break, and told him to take Motrin.They won't release his x-rays till Tuesday so we can't get a second opinion until then unless we get more x-rays. I hope they are right and it will be a quicker recovery. Dale took a picture of Jacob in the ER on his phone, but it hasn't made it to my computer yet.
Saturday morning we headed to San Antonio to watch Matthew's Football team play. While headed to San Antonio we saw many empty chartered buses headed the other way on I-10. They were headed to Louisiana to help evacuate people. In fact the chartered buses that our band had rented were being used for that so they had to ride the school buses(aka The Big Cheeses) to the game. We also saw the National Guard and Emergency Medical vehicles. I was sure glad we were going the other direction. Anyways, Matthew's team won. He didn't get to play, but neither did half of the team. We were able to take Matthew home with us instead of him riding the bus home(they got to keep their chartered buses). We went to eat at Pappasito's, our favorite place to eat and headed home. We encountered some caravans of chartered buses on the way home, but not too many. I was so tired last night that I didn't even vacuum. Dale thought Hell was freezing over.

"We've got Spirit"

Jacob and his friend Thomas aka Thing 1 and Thing 2

" Number 18 is a stud"

Matthew on the big screen as the coach gets the trophy


Karen said...

ooooh, I like your new sandy background, makes me feel like I'm at the beach! What's up with you and vacuuming? I'm just wondering because I have a vacuum fetish!

martib said...

The background was a mistake, actually a cover up of a mistake and I don't know how to get it off.

And there's nothing nicer than fresh vacuum tracks. I've been told I would be buried with my vacuum when I die. Glad to know other's like to vacuum!