Sunday, March 30, 2014

Young Womanhood Recognition

Makenzie received her YW Recognition award. They presented it to her in Sacrament Meeting. Just a hint for others, take the necklace out of the packaging before hand, not only did I struggle to get the necklace out of the package, but struggle to put it on, the clasps was so tiny and kept slipping, it ripped my nail, then Alisa Hancock, the YW President finally helped me, but the clasps kept slipping on her also. After a lengthy amount of time we got the necklace on!  We are so proud of Makenzie.
On a fun note, my sister,Becky, was going through the Stake storage unit and found this:
This is the plaque that used to hang in the Stake Center with the names of the girls who earned their YW Recognition Award. There is my name!

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