Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Icy Day

We had rain and freezing temperatures, so everything had ice on it. The kids didn't even get a bad weather day, since they already had 2 and we have no extra make up days. The weight of the ice on the trees caused a lot of damage in our area, limbs just broke off and i don;t mean little limbs, they were big limbs, it looked like a hurricane came through. The trees without leaves were really pretty though, they were all white and frosty. When it started to melt, chunks of ice would fall off power lines, road signs and lights. Good thing I was in a car, some of the ice could hurt someone if it landed on them.
Our droopy pine tree. We lost some limbs, but luckily i was able to put them out with the trash that day!

This tree is higher than the house. It really hasn't bounced back all the way. I don't like it anyways, so I have given Dale permission to cut it down, which means, chainsaw!

All the trees drooping in the back yard also

I can't find our house in the mess!

Driving down a winter wonderland 

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