Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tompkins Classic Meet

More track meets.
Grandma and Grandpa Smith just got in town in time to see Makenzie throw. It was cold and windy and got colder as the sun went down. This meet was at Tompkins High School but they did all the throwing at our high school since Tompkins fields were still too muddy to get to. Makenzie got first in both shot and discus. She threw 37'5" in shot put and only 99'2" in discus, that's not her best, but nobody else was throwing that well either, especially when it got dark and colder!

Grandpa Smith riding on the back of the Doc Mobile to the discus rings

Grandma Smith hanging on as she get a ride, she got to ride shotgun 

A beautiful sunset!

It was too cold for March in Houston!

Makenzie trying to keep her arms and the discus warm

We were pretty much in the dark. It was hard to see where the discus had landed.

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