Friday, March 28, 2014

Rice Track Meet

Makenzie participated in the Victor Lopez Track Meet which is held at Rice University. It started off on Thursday the 27th at 5:30 pm. There were 30 some throwers and she was in the last flight so it took awhile and it was raining, so we are surprised they threw, but glad they did. Makenzie got a new PR in discus with a throw of 115'8". We thought she had third place, but a girl that was suppose to be throwing in the 7th place mark in the finals sowed up during the last throw and out threw everyone, so everyone got marked down a place, which knocked Makenzie out of a medal, but she still got points for her team in 4th place. Makenzie was still classy and congratulated the girl who got first.   Some of the coaches, including ours protested the girl showing up at the last thrower, but they lost the protest, since she showed up during the last throw, if it was after the throw they wouldn't have allowed her to throw. While we were happy with Makenzie's new PR, the mood was a little deflated when she got knocked down a place.

It was a cloudy, rainy, dreary kind of night

That moment when you know you got a new PR

Makenzie threw shot put on the 28th and it was warm and humid, what a difference a day makes. Makenzie place 2nd with a throw of 38' . Makenzie had a good time getting to meet new girls and visit with ones she already knows.

It was a much nicer day then the night before, even though it was hot and humid.

Makenzie congratulating a new friend on her new PR. 

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