Saturday, March 8, 2014

Houston Rodeo

Yesterday night we, Dale's parents and our family, met Erica at Pappasito's. We got in really fast and ordered before Erica even got there. After dinner we went to Erica's house and visited with her and Derrick, Derrick got stuck at work so he missed dinner, but Erica brought him take out!
Today we watched Jacob play church basketball. It was the tournament and they lost by a buzzer beater in the finals. We came home, Jacob showered and we headed off to the Rodeo.
We met Erica and Derrick there. When we first got there, Dale took his parents to eat and I went with Jacob and Makenzie to the carnival. We don't do rides, but the kids play the basketball games and once again, Jacob scored a big teddy bear and gave it to Makenzie. Makenzie took the bear to the car and Jacob ate and then we headed into the stadium for the rodeo and concert. I was a little sad that we didn't have time to walk around to see all the exhibits and animals in Reliant center, but hopefully I can go again and get to do that. The rodeo was fun, but Mutton Bustin' is my favorite. Chris Young was the artist doing the concert, never heard of him, but did recognize a couple of his songs. We left after the concert and headed home.


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