Sunday, March 9, 2014

Visiting Tyson and Kristina

Today we went to just Sacrament Meeting and then came home and changed our clothes and headed to Austin. We went to visit Tyson and Kristina's family and meet Parker, the newest Smith, and my great nephew. We had such a nice visit with them and their girls were very entertaining as they performed the song "Let it Go" from the movie Frozen, even little Lydia new all the words and actions. Brittney loves that movie so much we skyped with her just so she could her the girls sing and dance, I think we made Brittney's day! I loved on baby Parker!! On the way back home, Dale had to get gas so we stopped at Buc-cee's, mostly so the kids could get their Dr Pepper icee's.
Baby Parker. I love him!


Three of the cutest little girls you will ever meet 


Parker's hand in Great Grandpa Smith's hand

Lydia was coming to get them

Great Grandma with her Smith great grand kids

I'm trying to make the very large outfit fit the dolls legs, at least to the approval of  Lydia

The oldest and youngest Smith in the family.

Skyping with Brittney

I tried to get a picture of everyone with a timer on my camera, but didn't have a tripod, so I put my camera on the fire place mantel, it didn't work so well. 

We were missing Dave for the 4 generations picture

The Smith guys

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