Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Beginnings

The Laurels were in charge of the decorations for New Beginnings, and I'm am decoration challenged, lucky for us, my niece, Kristina, just had theirs and she posted a picture of her cute idea, so we used her idea, ours wasn't as nice as hers, but it worked! My friend Audralyn was really helpful with getting all the supplies and she had really cute handouts for all the girls! I did all the pictures and Audralyn mad cute vinyl "Come Unto Christ" for the picture frames and Gillian put them on all the frames. It was a real team effort!

Beehives handout

Mia Maids handout

Laurels handout 

Is that not a nice dessert table!
Gillian and the Mia Maids are to credit for this table!

The idea my niece Kristina had

Makenzie's picture

The Laurels that were there and wanted to be in the picture

Sister Alisa Hancock, our YW President and the Laurels and me

Juliann jacked my camera!

I am getting old! These two young ladies were in my Nursery Class when we first moved to this Ward.
Julia on the left is already in YW's and Emma on the right is coming in soon.

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