Monday, March 3, 2014

Makenzie's Basketball Banquet

Makenzie had her final basketball banquet. She received the Academic Award for the player with the highest GPA. We are so proud of her sports and most of all academic accomplishments.I  also got to do the the Varsity slide show for the banquet. I had a blooper at the banquet, after the slide shows were done, i was asked to shut the projector down, what I did not know, is that the microphones where hooked up to the whole media board, so when I shut it down it shut the microphones off and we needed a password to get back into the media board. Luckily the guy who set it up left me with his phone number and he was able to talk a coach through getting it back up again, OOPs!.

A very nice center piece 

Wish this wasn't blurry, but this is when Coach Morris said Makenzie was going to go to BYU and Coach Park leaned over and said, "It's not too late to go to University of Utah" Coach Park went to BYU but he is a U of U fan. He did tell her she would be at the top of her class at Utah where as she would have to compete more at BYU.

Getting her Academic Award

The Varsity girls

The Seniors!
I will miss these three girls!

Coach Morris

Coach Oliver

Coach Park

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