Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What Marti Does

I have been very bad about keeping up our family blog. I some how volunteered to be in charge of selling football tickets at the school. This involves getting volunteers, the hardest part, I pick up the cash boxes, computers and ticket printers each day and distribute them to everyone. I sell right in the main entrance of the school. afterwards I collect everything and take it back to the athletic office. At the end of the week I count all the money and fill out the deposit slip. This has been taking more time than I thought, but you usually have a co-chair to help pick up the slack, which I don't have. Last week was crazy since it was Homecoming Week and ticket sales were very busy, plus I didn't feel well, I think I brought Brittney's cold back with me from Utah. I also take pictures at Jacob's games and those take time going through those ans posting them. I seem to stay busy without even having a job, at least not a paid one. I'm grateful that I have the time to volunteer though!

This is what I stare at half of the week.
Looks fun, doesn't it!

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