Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BYU in Houston

This Saturday, the 19th, BYU played the University of Houston in football and we were able to go. They played in Reliant Stadium, that's were the Texans play. Almost half of the people there were BYU fans. It was a real nail biter as BYU pulled off a win by only 1 point. Both Makenzie and Jacob took 2 friends. Both of Makenzie's friends were BYU fans and members of the church, Jacob's friends were both non members, in fact one, Colin, is a U of H fan, but we still like him! When BYU team came out on the field, one of Jacob's friends, Brayden, yelled, "Go Mormon". When we were ahead, Brayden tweeted, "Those Stormin' Mormons are at it again". It was a fun game, especially since we won and the BYU fans were a lot of fun. Dale did comment that he had never seen so many diaper bags at a college football game.

In the Suburban headed to the game

The girls enjoying some ice cream!

The family minus the to at BYU

The final score

It was a nail biter of a game!

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