Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The many numbers of Jacob

Jacob's maroon #18 football jersey has gone missing, so the game a few weeks ago they gave him #35, well, the next game they didn't have #35 in white, so he was #28. We ordered team shirts that has Smith and 18 on the back. If they don't find 18 he will be 28. I guess we can take tape and make a 2 out of the 1, or just put a number flip chart on the back of our shirts.
Jacob's team is 6-0 right now. Hope we keep the winning streak up!
Here are some pics from the past few games.

 Jacob as #35 on August 25, 2013

Jacob was one of the team captains for this game on August 25. 2013

Jacob back on punt return

It kind of got away from him

He finally picked it up and ran only to get crunched by 4 guys which resulted in a fumble.
Luckily he stepped it up on defense and they didn't score.

Jacob as #28 on October 3, 2013

Lined up for the National Anthem.
They usually don't play it at their games, but we were at a new high school in our district and they only have 9th-10th grade right now, no varsity,  so their band played and also did a half time show.

Jacob getting some constructive criticism from Coach Simmons.
Matthew says there are 3 things he is afraid of in life:
One, Roller coasters
Two, Scary Movies
Three, Coach Simmons
Luckily we know Coach Simmons outside of football and he is a very nice guy!

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