Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pics from Jacob's last few games

The weather has finally cooled down some and it makes for much nicer football games.
Jacob's team is 8-0 with 2 games left to go. He has a bye this week.Here are some pics from October 10th and 17th. Jacob did have a touchdown on the 17th. He was playing in the free safety position on a punt, the snap was high and Jacob chased the football into the end zone for a touchdown. When you play defense you don't get too many touchdowns.
You may notice the pink as some boys where it in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

October 10th
Jacob's team coming out of the locker room.
Jacob is the 6th person in line #28

Jacob warming up

Getting ready to take the field

Jacob and his friend Austin Simmons

Austin and Jacob on a kick off

October 17th

Warming up

Coming out on the field after half time

Jacob's football recovery for a touch down

Here Mr. Ref, have the ball

Making a tackle

Andrew Ughetta and Jacob fist pounding.
I guess Andrew told Jacob to fist pound and "your mom will get the picture". He was right 

Headed down the field on a kick off to make the tackle

It was a perfect day for football

Jacob and I after his game.

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