Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Homecoming 2013

This was Makenzie's last high school homecoming, where did the time go! Both Makenzie and Jacob went in groups, but without dates. Even without dates they had fun, maybe more!

The Mum: A Texas Tradition
Mum supplies
Close to being done!
Only burned myself once with the glue gun, but it was a bad burn!OUCH!

The final product

The random basketball and gold ball(shot put) represent her sports
That is a cougar, not a prairie dog,as some in my family thought.

School: October 4,2013

Headed of to Seminary, then school
Makenzie and Ashley at Seminary

Rachel and Makenzie at Seminary
Makenzie and some friends

Bethany and Makenzie at the Pep Rally
These two have been friends since we moved here.
 They played soccer together and have been in the same homecoming group all 4 years!

Emilie and Makenzie in the basketball locker room
The Football Game: we won 21-3

Maryellen and Makenzie
They play basketball together and Maryellen was nominated to the homecoming court

Makenzie and Kayla
Kayla was also nominted to the homecoming court

Makenzie and Kayla Floyd
They play basketball together ans have been in the same homecoming group all 4 years

Makenzie and Dale

Jacob and Makenzie

The 3 Senior basketball players!

The Homecoming Court

Maryellen and her step-dad 

And the homecoming queen is.....Maryellen!!!!

Tony Smith and Maryellen Hale, Homecoming King and Queen

Had to get another picture after the game with these two!
The Dance: October 5,2013
Makenzie's last high school homecoming dance

Makenzie, Jacob and Sammie

Notice Jacob will smile if it's a picture with the dog

Three guys just waiting for the rest of the group

Four guys waiting for the rest of the group

All the guys in Jacob's group

The three guys without dates in the group with the girls

The whole group. Jacob was catching all the sun on his face :(

Austin Simmons, Jacob and Colin Colpoys
Three football buddies and friends

The guys in Makenzie's group patiently waiting for the girls to arrive

The group minus one

Still missing one

Funny face and still missing one

Makenzie and Bethany
Friends since we have lived here

Kayla has arrived!
These 3 girls have gone to homecoming all 4 years of high school!
These are some really great young ladies right here!

The girls in the group
The whole group!

And they are off  to dinner, then the dance 

After the dance Makenzie group came to our house and Jacob's group went to someones ranch.

Some silly pictures while they are still dressed up

All changes and roasting marshmallows
So glad a cool front blew through that night!

Makenzie knows how to roast a marshmallow


more food

And the dressed piled on Makenzie's bed

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JeanneJ said...

I give you full credit for making a mum! Makenzie and Jacob looked great!