Wednesday, October 23, 2013

TV Time

The BYU vs Georgia Tech game was on television, but we were at the high school game. We set the DVR so we could watch it when we got home. Brittney sent me a text telling me they were 5 rows up in the student section so to look for her and Matthew. Sure enough, we saw them at the beginning of the game. It was weird because the BYU players didn't have their last names on the back of their jerseys, they had either, Spirit, Tradition or Honor on back. The coach wanted to do that all season until everyone told him how dumb it was, so they just did it for homecoming game, but it was still dumb then, at least in my opinion.

Brittney and Matthew. Glad Matthew had on blue, it was easier to spot them!

Have you ever got a call from the Spirit??

I know the "Y" isn't lit up all the time like the "M", but they do light it up for homecoming.

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