Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Parents Weekend at BYU August 27-29, 2013

 I took Jacob with me to Parents Weekend at BYU this year, mainly because BYU was playing Middle Tennessee State in football. Jacob likes that team just because he uses them in a video game and it beat good teams. He has had a fascination with them for awhile, he even has a hoodie from that school which he wore around campus and to the game. Jacob stood up and cheered for them also even though he was surrounded by BYU fans. People were asking me if we were from Tennessee, i replied no, from Texas. I'm sure they were confused. Jacob was trying on BYU hats at the Bookstore and a guy asked if he was a MTSU fan or a Cougar, Jacob said Cougar. It was kind of cold when we got there on Friday. It had snowed in the mountains and it was raining on us on campus, at game time it was sunny and 52, but it quickly cooled down to 39 degrees after the sun went down. It was a little cold for this mama who has lived in Texas for a very long time. Saturday, we went to lunch, went bowling and then I took Brittney shopping and the boys went up into the mountains and found some snow and built a snowman, I don't have pictures of it, but the boys do. That evening we went to Brick Oven for dinner with Kristen and Carolyn Chambers, Ashley Peel(my niece Jennifer's daughter), Kyle and Nicky Stevens, 3 of Matthew's friends and of course, Matthew, Brittney, Jacob and myself. After dinner we hung out at Brent and Carolyn's house
Jacob and I left on Sunday. It was a quick trip, but fun!

Leaving Houston

Jacob getting some sleep in on the flight to Denver

Jacob playing some chess on his iPad on the flight from Denver to Salt Lake City

Got to campus and ran into my great niece Ashley Peel.
We were both cold!

Headed over to the stadium

My 3 cougars, even though one has on a MTSU jacket, he has BYU shorts on.

A little snow and the colors are starting to change

I'm bundled up and ready to go

It was a beautiful, but cool night for a football game 

Yes I am cold

I gave the boys the blanket I brought to cover their legs.
I am a nice mom!

We don't know if Jacob is cold or hiding in shame since BYU beat up on MTSU.
The first quarter was close, but them BYU woke up!
Saturday, August 28,2013

I took these as I was walking from my hotel to Brittney's apartment.
It was still in the 30's but beautiful!

This is the way Jacob bowls, ok, just a few times.
I actually did that a few times myself and got a strike once.

The first game.
Matthew did ok, but the rest of us need to stick to other sports!

Second game, we did a little better, but still need to stick to other sports

Dinner at Brick Oven

Some of the Brink posterity 

Brittney playing with Cooper at the Chamber's Fun House
 Sunday, August 29,2013

Jacob and I along with all the other Bronco fans watching the game in Salt Lake City
as we wait to board our flight to Denver.

All these people standing up were watching the game with us.

Bye, bye Utah

Hello my Colorado mountains.

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