Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Other Weekend Activites

With all the excitement of homecoming I almost forgot the other kids. Makenzie had her first volleyball game last week and a soccer game witch they won. Jacob was cleared for sports again. He played in his first football game Saturday and they won. He also had a 50yd touchdown run. I missed it because I was coming from Makenzie's soccer game. They were all celebrating the touchdown just as I got there. I got behind somebody driving 30mph in a 45 and couldn't get around them so I was already mad then even more mad that it probably cost me seeing my son score a touchdown. Slow drivers annoy me!!! Here are a few pics and videos of the weeks sports. I've included some of Matthew's game also.

Good save Makenzie!

Punt that ball

Jacob as Safety

Jacob as Quarterback (#49)

Makenzie serving the ball. She was on a roll when I decided to tape it and sure enough, she hit it out of bounds. The girl does have arm strength!

This is right before the team takes the field. All the Varsity parents, who want to, meet outside the locker room and a Pastor, Preacher, etc.. offers a prayer with the parents. It's a neat thing. We then line up and cheer them as they take the field. Matthew is #18.

Here I am being a stalker mom. The cute blonde with the white jacket is Emily, Matthew's homecoming date. I wanted a picture of her with the mum so I taped her and then she came to talk to me. I should have just asked to take a picture.

Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy and Dopey.

Sorry no Dopey, Brittney isn't in the picture. (jk Britt)


Brittney said...

thats not very nice mom!

Marti said...

jk britt or did you miss that

Clark Family said...

wow, she is dopey. JUST KIDDING BRIT! Your favorite old cuz!