Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hooray! The Mum is Done!

1 fake mum. 27 yards of ribbon. 10 yards of different gold beads. 6 yards of plastic pearl strands. 27 gold letters. 8 jingle bells. 4 plastic homecoming trinkets. 3 gold stars. 1 teddy bear. 1 whistle. 1 small bottle of bubbles. 1 cow bell. 1 set of lights w/ 2 batteries. 1 hot glue gun. Lots of staples. 4 trips to Hobby Lobby. 4 diet cokes. 4 Excedrin. And lots of patience.
Finishing the mum: PRICELESS

Believe it or not, this is small compared to a lot of mums. And I forgot to add in that I didn't even burn myself with the hot glue!


Elizabeth said...

Marti...I am impressed!!!!(especially that you didn't burn yourself!) That looks like a lot of hard work. You did a fabulous job.

Karen said...

I will never understand this Mum thing, but I have to say I am so impressed. You did a great job and it turned out really well. Good luck w/all your festivities this weekend.