Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yikes!! It's Ike!

For those of you who are wondering, we are not evacuating. I say that, but we said that during Rita and ended up evacuating. As of now, Matthew has a game tonight and Makenzie has a volleyball scrimmage so it would be hard to get out by then anyways. We have plenty of water, food and fuel to get by for awhile. We have no generator, so it might be really muggy if the electricity goes out. We still have to put up all the patio furniture, lawn chairs, pool stuff ect... I have to clean out underneath the stairs since that is the middle of our home and there are no windows. It is so calm outside right now you would never know a huge hurricane is coming. There's not even a cloud in the sky right now. They haven't called school off, yet. The kids are hoping for that, especially the ones with test on Friday. Makenzie is hoping for no church on Sunday since she has to give her first talk. They just asked her Tuesday night and I don't think she's had any time to prepare. I guess as a family we could help her write it when we are all huddled underneath the stairs. I'm sure everyone would have some interesting input(and Nathan, my nephew, she said she won't say meow).
If there is anything good about a hurricane, it is that you have warning and time to prepare. We are truly grateful for that. Dale is also grateful for the NFL Network as we will be getting round the clock coverage of the hurricane for the next 48 hours on the local stations. Matthew is grateful that he has a homecoming date, but that is another blog.


Clark Family said...

meowkenzie--You party pooper!

dagus1976 said...


$1 per meow is headed your way.