Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Busy Weekend...But it keeps us out of the Bars

Just when you think you are getting a break from high school football, the coach schedules a game... in Dallas. Matthew was suppose to have an off week, but the #2 team in the state had an off week and invited us to play them at their home stadium, so we get to pull the other kids out of school and drive 5 1/2 hours to the Dallas area. The kids are glad they get out of school early, but it will be a long day. We have to come back after the game since Jacob has a football game at 10 am Saturday and Makenzie has a soccer game.
Makenzie had her 2nd volleyball game last night and they won. It was a rival school so it made the win that much sweeter. Speaking of volleyball, a few weeks ago, Dale asked Makenzie if she was one of the taller girls on the team. Makenzie said no, but there are two "freakishly tall girls" on her team. When her team came out on the floor last night Dale looked at me and asked if the girl who was a foot taller than everyone else was one of the "FTG's", and it was her. Very cute girl, but very tall!
With the busy weekend schedule we look forward to having PJ church this Sunday, you know when you can stay in your PJ's and watch Conference. Have a great weekend everyone! And before I forget, Happy Late Birthday to my brother-in-law Bryan :) .

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Melissa said...

You crack me up. Some of the things you post just make me laugh. Thanks!