Monday, September 8, 2008

The Thrill and Agony of Sports

It was a bitter-sweet sports weekend.

Friday night Matthew got to play in his first varsity game. His first snap was a hand-off and they got a first down. The next two snaps their running backs were thrown down for a loss. On 3rd and 15 Mathew throws a 35 yard pass that was picked off. It was kind of a wobbly throw and his receiver ran the wrong route. My heart was aching for him. He only got those 4 plays. We won, but driving home it sure didn't feel like it. Here are a few pictures of him.

Matthew warming up at half-time

Matthew(#18) looking to the sidelines for the play

Matthew handing the ball off

The sun came out again Saturday morning. It's a good thing because Makenzie had a 8 am soccer game. They won 7-1. She didn't allow any goals as goalie. She almost had a goal herself, but their goalie stopped it.

Next it was on to Jacob's game. He had to sit and watch with his collarbone injury. His back-up quarterback is out with a fractured ankle. He fractured it in the same scrimmage Jacob got hurt. Luckily, they were playing an expansion team and were able to pull out a win. Jacob was pretty depressed not being able to play. It's going to be a long few more weeks until he can play again.

FYI- We think Matthew's game will be televised on ESPN2 this Thursday night (11th). We are playing the team with the #2 quarterback in the nation. The game is 7pm central time. We will be the maroon team(Cinco Ranch). I don't know if Matthew will get to play, but he might get on the tv. Go Cougars!!


Clark Family said...

On my tivo it says Thurs night is High School football Rider vs. Sulfer Springs--Is this right or is it gonna be your team?? That would be awesome if we could watch on ESPN!!

martib said...

I don't know. Our game is Cinco Ranch vs Cy Ridge. Maybe ESPN2 can do games regionally. If it's a different station I will let you know.

martib said...

Just found out the game is just being shown in Texas.

Clark Family said...

dang it!! We may eventually see one though, cuz the two high school teams listed are both from Texas.