Thursday, September 4, 2008

On the Lighter Side

Wanted to share a few random thoughts, comments, and actions made by family.

Yesterday, an elderly neighbor lady fell, the grand kids came and got a neighbor and myself to help her up. Makenzie, Brittney and Jacob followed. While we are helping her up, Makenzie is reenacting a commercial of a fallen lady with her arm stretched up for help. Brittney and Jacob are trying to keep from laughing. OK, my children are insensitive.

The other night I was talking to a friend and Matthew was there. My friend said her mother stopped trying so hard to be perfect, after all there are 3 degrees in the Celestial Kingdom, and she was shooting for the middle. Matthew said, " As long if you are with Jesus, it will be tight." OK, now my family is going to get struck by lightening.

Yesterday I was complaining about all the new stupid rules at the Elementary School, mainly, the one that I can't take my Safety patrol child until all the buses have left. I guess they think the parent's are going to walk their children right in front of one. Dale said he would go tell them what he thinks about all their new stupid rules. Jacob immediately said don't tell them you are my dad, I still have to go to school there. Smart kid!

Brittney's Blonde Moment--there are many, but this is the most recent. She was texting a friend on the way home from San Antonio Saturday. Her friend wanted to know what school district a particular school was from. I wasn't sure so I said, "Bo-Diddlely ISD" (Independent School District). Brittney said, really, that is so tight. I'd love to have our school district named that and was ready to text that back to her friend, when Matthew erupted in laughter. I wanted her to get the text off to see if her friend believed it.

For Sunday humor you need to read my nieces blog, The Clark Park, which is on my bloggin' buddies list. The entry is "Here, Kitty, Kitty". It was her most current entry.

And Saturday at Matthew's game I was stuck with a container full of "Thunder Sticks", you know those things you blow up and bop together. I call them boppers. I was asking people if they wanted boppers and they weren't taking them. I heard someone else that was passing them out asking people if they wanted bangers and they were taking them. I guess people want bangers not boppers.

Have a great day!