Monday, September 15, 2008

Being Prepared!!

Two days after Ike we are still getting continuing coverage of the devastation. People are without food and water and are getting angry that supplies are not getting to them fast enough. I really shouldn't be talking since I have power now and had plenty of food and water, but why is everyone waiting for someone else to take care of their needs. They always tell you to have 3 days worth of food, water and fuel because that's how long it takes to get stuff into people. Even for the people who evacuate they tell them to take these supplies with them. Where is the personal responsibility? And then there are those people (40%) who had a mandatory evacuation and they didn't. On the brighter side, I saw a piece on the news last night where neighbors were clearing out the limbs and trash out of the street so the water could drain. They were helping one another, instead of waiting for the city to clean their streets and getting results instead of being miserable doing nothing. Today, a bunch of youth from church went to the church to clean up the broken trees. They decided to do this and started texting each other and they had a big turn out. In all the complaining I see on the news, it's nice when they show people helping each other and kids finding something useful to do when there is no school. I'm grateful for the church that they push being prepared! I'm grateful to my parents and my husbands parents who have taught us to be self sufficient and to know if we can't help ourselves that they will be there for us.

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Clark Family said...

Wow! People getting out and helping each other! What a great idea! I do think it's awesome that the kids get a chance to serve. They will always remember that, even if they want to forget it right now.