Monday, April 29, 2013

Look who's 17

This precious girl arrived on April 27th, two months early, weighing in at 4 pounds even.
Makenzie is now 17 and has turned into a wonderful young women. She works hard at everything she does, except cleaning her room. She is in advance classes and makes great grades in them. She is a friend to everyone. Her sportsmanship has made me very proud this year. She is the first person to congratulate all the other throwers in track even if they beat her. She wishes them luck as they advance to state. She went to shake one of the girls hands who had a really good throw at regionals and the girl just hugged Makenzie, that's just the kind of person she is and we love her very much!!

We went to Pappasito's for her birthday dinner and it was raining hard and when we got there it started to hail. That was some crazy storm we had! She went to the church dance that night. We did cake and ice cream the day after since she was one the night of her birthday. She got a little cash for her birthday since she got Carrie Underwood concert tickets and tshirts earlier for her birthday!
Happy 17th Makenzie!!
Dinner at Pappasito's

Sing Happy Birthday to Makenzie, but she didn't get the sombrero :(

Never fear, we have our own sombrero

So glad her brother's are so excited

Sammie wants to join the sombrero party


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