Friday, April 19, 2013

Area Meet

Since Makenzie did so well in the District Track Meet she moved on to the Area Meet. Usually they go straight to Regionals, but they threw an extra meet in, which wasn't good for Makenzie. She had an off day in discus so she just missed going to Regionals in that by a few feet, but she did do well in shot put so she will be going to Regionals in that. I was so proud of Makenzie that she congratulated all the girls who made it into Regionals in discus. She is the best example of sportsmanship and I can honestly say she didn't get that from me. We were so happy for the support of our friends the Park's who came out to support Makenzie. We go to church with the Park family and Coach Park is a coach at our high school, but it was nice of them to drag their two small kids out just to see Makenzie and one of Coach Park's basketball players was doing the high jump and long jump so he also watched him. What nice people they are!!

Warming up

Getting instructiions

The ritual backrub from dad

Dale bitting his nails and our frind Coach Park and son

Dale got to hold Bobby, so I had to go put my camera away so I could have a turn holding him


It was hard trying to get a picture through the fence since they wouldn't let us inthe throwing area.

Her Area Medals

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