Saturday, May 4, 2013

Varsity 7 on 7

Thought we were done with 7on 7, but I thought wrong. Our high school was sponsoring a 7 on 7 tournament and they needed another team, our varsity already had a team, but out freshman put together a team real quick that consisted of 9 kids. Well, they actually did really well! There were 2 pools of 4 teams each. We were in the easier pool, but we won and then we go to play the winner of the other pool, unfortunately it was Lamar and Lamar went to the State Championship this year, so they were big and fast, but we didn't do too bad considering it was our 4th game and we only had 9 players. Jacob even got a pick off of them in their first drive. It was really fun to watch.

Our Scrappy 7 on  7 Team

Jacob playing some defense

This catch is going to be for the win! Our player and the other teams player both had a hold of the ball and it got popped out right into Jacob's hands.


I think they are staring at the Lamar team wondering what they have gotten themselves into!

I never got a pic of the Lamar team, but these are just their guys that are on the sidelines and not even the 7 out on the field, remember we only have 9 players.

Jacob's interception

Check out #26 in the red that is coming after Jacob!

Run Jacob Run!

During half time of the 4th game. He played the entire time, both defense and offense for all 4 games.

Threw this pic in for Matthew.
This is our Varsity coach talking to both our Cinco teams after the game.
You can tell by the size which players are freshman and the varsity players.

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