Sunday, April 7, 2013

Conference Weekend

We started Conference weekend by having Tyson and Kristina's family come and visit us from Austin.We watched the morning session on Saturday and after that we went swimming and had a BBQ. Tyson's girls had a fun time in the pool and the boys, Dale, Jacob and Tyson, duked it out playing basketball in the pool. We all came in and watched the afternoon session. Afterwards Tyson and Kristina went to see some other friends from Tyson's mission. Their family returned Sunday morning to watch the remaining sessions of Conference. It was fun to see them and for them to get a chance to see Grandma and Grandpa Smith. Erica also came over Sunday afternoon to visit with us.
Beware, there are lots of pictures. It was hard to pick because I had so many cute pics of the little Smith girls.

Sammie also wants to play


Master Chef

We found out that Lydia likes jalapeno chips

Game is on!

Did she wet her pants or did she have a wet child on her lap??

Dale squirting me and my good camera

Tyson taking the plunge

Dale dunking on Jacob

"Hannah how big was that spider?"
There was a tiny spider by the plants and Hannah was screaming for Tyson to come kill it.
Tyson told her it was just tiny and she was telling us it was "this big"

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