Saturday, April 27, 2013

The 7 om 7 Champs

After a busy afternoon at Makenzie's track meet, we went to watch Jacob's team play in the 7 on 7 finals. They were the number 4 seed team. We beat the number one seed and then beat the number 2 seed to win the championship. The boys were extremely happy!!! After the game we all went to eat at El Jarrito's. Jacob had his friend Thomas with him so after dinner he spent the night at Thomas's house along with another teammate, Austin. When I picked up Jacob on Saturday, Thomas's mom said the boys slept with their medals they got for first place, did i mention they were extremely excited to win!

Interception by Jacob

"He hit me before the ball got there"

"Are you going to throw a flag/"

And he gets the flag!

And a dog pile on top of one of the coaches.
Their coaches are high school seniors from our school.
The coach at the bottom was partially de-pants when he was getting of the ground.

Jacob and his friend Thomas

Jacob and Reggie

Celebration dinner!

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