Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Carrie Underwood Concert

Makenzie's birthday is this coming Saturday and months ago she asked if she could go to the Hunter Hayes/Carrie Underwood concert for her birthday. Makenzie doesn't ask for a lot so most of the tickets were already bought, so I found some on stubhub. They turned out to be good seats. Since it was her birthday present we bought her t-shirts and Jacob got one too, and I know Brittney is whining about this!
Hunter Hayes was OK, he's more "eye candy" for the girls, but Carrie Underwood did not disappoint, she was awesome! So glad we could share this night with Makenzie!

Waiting for the doors to open

Makenzie singing along

Jacob taking pictures of Carrie Underwood. I think his phone was full afterwards

Love this guy! This is our 3rd concert in the past 2 months.

Hunter Hayes

Time for Carrie

Carrie and part of the band over the crowd

Guitarist Hunter Hayes and Carrie Underwood

Hunter and Carrie
Jacob liked the leggings Carrie was wearing!

Carrie sing a duet with Brad Paisley

Carrie Underwood Blown Away!!

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