Friday, April 12, 2013

How has your day been?

"How has your day been?' was asked by the cashier at Chipotle last night when we went there after Makenzie's District Track Meet. "Really good" was my response. I really wanted to tell everyone there why our day was good, it was because Makenzie just got first place in shot put at the district meet and she got third in discus and got PR's in both!!!! She threw the shot put 37' 9 1/2" and the discus 109' 4". We have 2013 District Champ in shot put living in our house. Needless to say we are a little excited for her. It was a beautiful day for a meet, blue skies, slight breeze and in the upper 60's. It was a good day!

Getting ready for the big meet

Warming up

Checking in and getting instructions

The PR throw of 37' 9 1/2'

Looking to see where it landed

A very happy coach, Makenzie and Dad with her throw

Keeping loose for her last throw

Getting some helpful words from one of the guy throwers

And now we know she has clinched first place!

Makenzie and Coach Fincher celebrating!

The tweet with her results, of course her name is spelled wrong.
Like a good mom, I replied to the tweet with the exact distance since it was more than just a little over 37 feet.
They retweeted my reply!

Checking in at discus

We were at the discus ring when we heard the announcement of the shot put results.

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Melanie said...

Whoop! Whoop! that is SO EXCITING!!! Congrats girl... really REALLY have loved getting to know you in YW. You are amazing!!