Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Undefeated Season #4

Makenzie has not lost a basketball game in 4 seasons!! It's great to be surrounded by a great group of girls who are team players. It's exciting to be a part of so many good teams, but it will make that first loss that much harder, but right now we will just concentrate on the wins. Way to go JV Lady Cougars!!
The 2011-2012 JV Lady Cougars

The Varsity Team came out to help them celebrate 

This was the girls reaction as the banner was shown to them

Way to go out with a big win!

Michelle Schmidt and Makenzie are the only 2 that have had 4 straight seasons of being undefeated

My pathetic attempt at decorating a cookie cake.
I only had to fix it twice, once when I went to take a picture and my camera strap dragged through the icing and then the second time when I went to take a picture and went to remove my lens cap and it bounced on top of the icing. Can you say more blond moments for me. At least the girls didn't care, I think they demolished it in 1 minute flat! 

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